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We are building a happier and healthier society by revolutionising oral self-care

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Curaden, headquartered in Kriens near Lucerne, is an innovative Swiss family business that stands for a system and a philosophy of comprehensive oral health. We have trained more than 60,000 dental professionals worldwide in preventive thinking and action, helping them take the right precautions that promote health and happiness among the general population. We develop, market and distribute products for dentistry and dental care worldwide and are primarily aimed at dental professionals, for whom we are trusted and proven partners.

Better health for you

Since 1954, our mission has been to empower dental professionals with specialised training, innovative solutions, and quality products for customer-oriented practice management. We focus on developing skills often overlooked in traditional dental education, such as patient communication, coaching, and marketing. Our main goal is to ensure lifelong dental health for everyone, achieved through the professional growth and motivation of dental care providers. In everything we do, our belief in prevention and the preservation of oral health is at the forefront. We know that the mouth is the gateway to overall health. Health and happiness are mutually dependent. “Better health for you”—this is our promise.

Oral health education

At the forefront of advancing oral health knowledge, the Curaden Academy provides a leading learning platform, offering high-quality education and training options with a special emphasis on oral health and prevention of oral biofilm-related dental disease.

An integral cornerstone of the Curaden Academy is the Individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis Program (iTOP), created and pioneered by MUDr. Jiří Sedelmayer. With iTOP, dental professionals become oral health heroes, acquiring not only the skills to proficiently educate patients in biofilm management but also the ability to motivate and empower them to develop efficient oral self-care.

Through carefully designed in-person courses and webinars, the Curaden Academy addresses the knowledge needs of dental and oral health professionals who work directly with patients and/or educate and train their peers. Its content also serves as an educational resource for students in the field and for anyone eager to broaden their knowledge and skills in oral health.

Swiss Premium Oral Care

Our proven and tested products and solutions focus on preventive measures for oral health. As a rapidly growing company, we take pride in delivering Swiss premium products and profound expertise, driven by the firm belief that everyone can take control of their own health.

At Curaden, we believe in empowering individuals to embrace self-care and prioritising their well-being.
Our main brand, Curaprox, is dedicated to building a happier and healthier society by revolutionising oral self-care.

Curaprox, derived from the Latin words “care” and “proximity”, reflects our values of seeking to improve society’s oral health through premium products and knowledge transfer.

Global Presence

Curaden is currently active in over 90 countries, drawing on our vast experience to offer innovative oral care products and solutions, all rooted in prevention. Click here to check and get in touch the responsible representative in your country.

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