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International Smile of the Year award celebrates outstanding achievements in dentistry

SOFIA, Bulgaria: Launched in 2008, Smile of the Year recognises achievements in dentistry and dental technology every year. Initially targeted at Bulgarian ...

Dürr Dental suction unit wins German Design Award

BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN, Germany: Every year, a jury of renowned experts bestows the German Design Award on innovative projects and products. The process of ...

Dental suction systems help to keep staff and patients safe during SARS-CoV-2 crisis

BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN, Germany: Owing to the large number of patients seen in dental practices, there is always a danger of coming into contact with an ...

Dürr Dental Japan opens new branch office

KOBE, Japan: In November, the Japanese branch of Dürr Dental officially opened a new building in Kobe. According to the company, the new premises will ...

Dürr Dental holds first symposium for dental chains, clinics and health care centres

BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN, Germany: From 16 to 18 September, global dental manufacturer Dürr Dental held its first DSO and Clinic Symposium at the in-house ...

Lunos—An insider tip for hardening the tooth surface

BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN, Germany: As part of prophylactic treatment, fluoridation plays a major role in the protection against caries. In addition, it can halt...

Double succès pour Dürr Dental au « German Design Award »

BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN, Allemagne : Fournisseur de nombreux systèmes de solutions dans le domaine de l'équipement dentaire, Dürr Dental a remporté deux ...

Double success for Dürr Dental at German Design Award

BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN, Germany: Dürr Dental, provider of numerous system solutions in the fields of dental equipment, diagnostic systems and hygiene, has ...

Dürr Dental mit renommiertem Good Design Award ausgezeichnet

BIETIGHEIM-BISSINGEN – Optimale Funktionalität, Ergonomie und Design sind für ein herausragendes Produkt die unverzichtbare Basis. Den ...