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Digital denture protocol based on intraoral scans

Digital dentures are a reality; their use offers a number of advantages. Learn how to make the most of these benefits with a protocol based on intraoral scans.

The use of intraoral scans for denture fabrication may provide benefits to patient comfort, clinic ergonomics, and laboratory efficiency. Conceptual aspects related to the use of intraoral scans in removable prosthodontics will be discussed. Scanning strategies, as well as practical scanning tips will be addressed during the webinar. Based on clinical cases, a step by step analysis of the whole workflow will be performed, highligthing key points related to jaw relation record, scans alignment, and denture design individualization. Join to learn it all. Learning objectives:
  • Rationale behind the use of intraoral scans for dentures.
  • How to obtain accurate intraoral scans of edentulous arches.
  • Techniques for jaw relation record and scans’ alignment.
  • Denture design and individualization of tooth arrangement based on intra- and peri-oral scans.

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